The Purpose

11 Apr

I’m making plans to spend July 13-August 15 on the road and YOU* are the reason why.

Well, YOU* and our ministry partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators to eradicate Bible poverty in this generation.

I intend to be rather transparent about what I am asking God to accomplish in and through me this summer. I’m asking in response to what I believe God is asking me to do. I’m being transparent because I want Him to get the credit for it all & I want you to be encouraged by what He does every step of the way.

I anticipate that this time will give me opportunity to reconnect face-to-face with you & others. I’m more than convinced that God designed us to live our lives together and that together requires–at least occasionally–being together.

There are some of you who I’ve not seen for a long while. Many weeks or many years, it has been too long. I’m asking that He will orchestrate the timing of this journey so we can be together for an hour or a day. I’m asking that He will help me

From my leadership role in Wycliffe, I have an extraordinary view of God’s tenacious commitment to His reknown and His glory among all peoples & nations. GOD is ON MISSION. I cannot keep what I see to myself–I am compelled to bear witness to what I know.

Beyond that, God invites us to join Him on this venture and has given me the privlidge of extending the invitation to others.

I want to re-invite you to partnership with me through Wycliffe to eradicate Bible poverty in this generation. I’m asking God to confirm in your heart & mind & spirit that He has called you to this part of his mission. I’m asking God to show you how He wants you to be engaged.

Additionally, I’m asking God to provide opportunities (usually through YOU*) to invite others into this partnership. I honestly can’t wait to see what He does in and through us as we take this EPIC Summer Tour journey together.

*YOU = those of you who partner with me in ministry in all sorts of ways…especially those who live in the MidWestern United States, since that’s where I’ll be traveling this summer.

  • YOU pray for me.
  • YOU cheer me on in my work.
  • YOU share your resources with me through hospitality or by making donations to Wycliffe either occasionally or regularly.
  • YOU introduce me to others you know and invite them to partner with us in this venture.
  • YOU stand shoulder to shoulder with me as we engage others in this cause.
  • YOU share your wisdom & discernment with me when I face unique challenges and difficult choices

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